Lost Time

Another week ends.

One of many in this year that will blur in our memory.

Days . Endless Days. Monotonous days. Stuck at home.

Stuck. Alone. Isolated. Scared.

Lucky are us few who are stuck with family

Dealing with it. It being as new as it could be.

So much has happened. So many questions.

So many uncertainties.

When will this end. What is this.  How suddenly has life stood  still

Never before have I prayed for collective good of all of us in this haze.

New normal ? I don’t want to believe.

Will give anything to go back to the old griefs.

2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016 and countless before, you were good.

Come back if you may,  2021- Come fast I pray.

Lost time, This year the luckiest of us will still cry for the lost time.

2020, I am living a lie.

Because of you . Because of it

End it soon & die please.


Turned to writing after a long, long time. I know the poem is rough around edges. Trying to return back to writing! All kinds of feedback & criticism will be appreciated! 🙂

The dream life.

You know, I was there. In that world about which we only hear.

You know, I lived that life. The one which was movie like.

Yes, I lived the dream. Experienced happiness with my very being.

Sadly I didn’t realise it then . The worth comes only when you have just a few grains.

We all have those fond memories, the life, the dream , the happiness we had. 

The times of our life, the moments of those hashtags.

The memories of lifetimes. The photos to always put that smile.

But you know what’s sad? Not losing that time

Neither it is never getting it back even if you give all your dimes

No the sad part is looking back at them. Never, never at them. Never living. Always reminiscing
Open your eyes. Open your heart. Open your world to the now you have. 

Believe me, it’s all you got. It’s all any of us ever can attack.

Grasp it. Grasp it before you’re just left with throwbacks! 

A hundred days of Europe

When one goes out to travel one has many expectations. But this time it was special. This time the journey is to explore oneself. This time the expedition is all self arranged.
And so it begins 100 days of self discovery, of exploration and of countless memories. 



Nostalgia: a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.

Nostalgia. Memory. They are such intangible but concrete things. The feeling, the yearning can never be put to words. But it’s strong, very strong urge to go back to that time, that place , just those moments, just for once. Especially whenever a change is near, nostalgia seems to be the one thing that pulls us back. Maybe it is also the only thing that keeps us afloat during a change. Keeps us bounded, gives us faith and makes us believe in ourselves. So, with many changes approaching in life, I couldn’t stop myself from penning this down:

As I sit here today,

With misty eyes and wide dreams,

And experiences abound , glistening streams.

Growing up  I realize how much I changed,

No more that bubbly, neither that deranged

That unbridled laughter has become a  concept strange,

Wishing , Sighing , the life gains:

encounters and events

Ones that teach us , One that chides us,

A memory of tears, a memory of fear

And so many of unconstrained happiness so clear.

Nostalgia creeps in, and happiness seeps out

Too fast. Too slow. Unsatisfied . We move

To the remaining avalanche or trove,

In hopes of love to be bestowed.



You write beautifully Nanditha

The Disillusioned Writer


“Because love is not instagram to always show you in the best possible light. It is messy and ugly like the unfiltered snap chats you send your best friend”

The first thing you should know about the second time you fall in love is that it will be very different.

The first time you fell in love, you were innocent, untouched and hopelessly optimistic. When you got your heart broken, you decided that you would never fall in love again. You now know that “forever” is a gamble and that “promises” are more often than not made to be broken.

The second time you fall in love, your heart will beat a little faster. There is bubbling apprehension, restless guilt, unmasked fear, unresolved emotions and all of this is still delicately laced with the most basic need to be loved.

 You will surprise yourself because the day you believed…

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Life’s purpose? Do we really need to know that?

What is the purpose of my life? What am I born to do? To write this blog? What are you born to do? Do you know? How does one go about searching for the purpose of their life? Will I find it in a holy shrine? In a book? Is there a course to find one’s purpose?
How does one go about finding the answer to most important question in life? Will I miraculously have an epiphany one day?
I still haven’t met someone who has found their purpose in life, in person. And the only stories I hear about people finding their purpose are successful ones. These successful ,overachievers are the only one who say that they found their purpose in life and that’s why they’re successful. And lets be honest enough, if successful people said that apple is guava we’ll believe that too!So they cant be a proof of its ubiquitous existence.
So does a purpose of life exist? Does everyone have a purpose? Or is it another way man tries to simplify the complexity called Life?
Everyone’s answer to this will differ. People will believe whatever they find easier to deal with, or whatever eases their conscience.
And what about people like me? Well we’ll keep swinging in middle till we become successful or unsuccessful. And then? Then we just might not need the answer.